Parking Spaces available for 38th Street & Liberty Ave, 

39th Street & Liberty Ave, and Bergenline Ave & 74th Street Parking Lots.  

Please be reminded, payments may still be made by mail, or drop non-cash payments in the NBPA mailbox in front of our office. Please include a copy of your valid driver's license, vehicle registration , and a check or money order for payment in your sealed envelope. Permits are no longer required to be picked up and displayed. Your license plate has been registered in our License Plate Recognition (LPR) system. Parked vehicles, not registered to your designated space, will be subject to summons. If you change your vehicle and/or license plates, you must notify the Authority immediately.

* 601-617 Bove Terrace                                                               * 3725 Liberty Avenue 

* 13th Street / Paterson Plank Road                                     * 3901 Liberty Avenue

* 1314-14th Street                                                                          * 1132-34 51st Street

* 2123 Kennedy Blvd.                                                                    * 1122 53rd Street

* 22nd Street / Grand Avenue                                                  * 1707 69th Street

* 2212-14 Dietz Place                                                                   * 7212-7216 Broadway

* 2408-18 Meadowview Avenue                                            * 7316-7322 Broadway

* 2601 Grand Avenue                                                                    * 7406-7410 Park Avenue

* 1402-04 28th Street                                                                  * 7415-7423 Bergenline Avenue 

Please contact Ashley at (201) 869-6200 for more information regarding space availability.