For purposes of this Ordinance, a vehicle shall be deemed a "commercial vehicle" if it has any one or more of the following characteristics:

1.   It is or was designed or used for the transportation of persons for hire;

2.   It is or was designed or used for compensation or profit;

3.   It is or was designed or used for the transportation of property, materials, cargo, equipment or tools;

4.   It has more than 4 wheels;

5.   It weighs more than 12,000 pounds;

6.   It is more than 9.5 feet high;

7.   It is more than 21 feet long;

8.   It is more than 7 feet wide;

9.   It has tool, cargo or equipment racks or cages in the interior or on the exterior of the vehicle;

10. It contains commercial or business lettering, advertising or graphics;

11.  It is registered as commercial, omnibus, limousine, livery, taxi, farmer, commuter van, or school vehicle; or

12.  It has characteristics typical of commuter vans, food vending trucks, limousines, recreational vehicles, motor drawn

       vehicle, omnibuses, panel vans, pole trailers, road tractors, school buses, semitrailers, taxicabs, tow trucks, trucks, or

       truck tractors.

Vehicles that meet any of the above listed characteristics will not be eligible for residential permitting.


Oversized Vehicle & Commercial Parking Regulations: 

 Due to the negative impact commercial vehicles place on traffic congestion and parking conditions within Township neighborhoods, commercial vehicles are not permitted to park unless they are actively rendering services to a Township resident or business. Contractors performing services for an extended duration greater than one 8-hour day are now required to purchase a Contractor's permit. Visit our Business page for detailed permit information.

Residents with oversized vehicles: see the chart below to see if your vehicle qualifies as a commercial vehicle. It should be noted that a vehicle does NOT have to have commercial plates to qualify. 


Designated Areas

       - Dell Avenue (between 40th and 49th Streets) where space is available; spaces are first come, first served

 Permit Fees and Requirements

      - Taxi/Livery vehicle: Requires license plate of vehicle                                                                                                                                                     $20 nightly

      - Van/Pickup Truck: Requires license plate of vehicle                                                                                                                                                       $30 nightly

     - Small Bus/Box Truck: Requires license plate of vehicle & vehicle must be 26 feet or less in length                                                    $40 nightly

      - Bus/Truck: Requires license plate of vehicle (Trucks use cab plate, not trailer) &  vehicle is over 26 feet long                            $50 nightly

Updated 04/18/2024